Share your Stuff

You have a lot. Share it. 

A few things happened this week that made me realize that people think this is a new idea. It isn't.

Maybe we all know it's not new, but we're just tired of others being grabby. Let's be less concerned with getting mine, and more focused on getting better. 


I have a great team. The crew at CV North America are awesome, and we have the privilege of getting to hire a few more good ones to join us in the weeks ahead.  My team at Media Tractor is doing amazing. They're all so smart, and hungry, and on the right track. 

I have good friends. We hang out in awesome places. This week it was in Menlo Park touring Facebook and Instagram. Amazing people in these companies are changing the world. I can't believe they let me tag along. 

I have an amazing network. There are some amazing people who are doing awesome things like building new ways to connect with people in Virtual Reality, inventing new ways to share music, and making movies that move me to tears. 

All of these "I haves" might as well be, "I've been givens." Everything here can be traced back to someone else being gracious to me, and here's something I've learned again recently. 

The best of the best have something in common: Humility. 

Be humble - there is always someone better, smarter, prettier and cooler than you. 

Be open - those "cool kids" are just people too, and they know a real friend when they see it. 

Be giving - confidence, class and creativity come when you give your secrets away

Be ready - if you put in the time to share, be gracious and network, some day the right person will tap on your shoulder and say, "Let's change the world together." Be ready for it. And with all that perspective you've gained from being humble, open and giving, you'll know when to say yes and when to say no. 

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