Everything is Marketing

Let's get one thing straight right off the bat: It all matters. 

How clean or dirty the door handle is determines what people will think of your organization's culture. Is your sales team professionally dressed and well spoken? Phone trees (That automated "press 1 for sales, press 2 for an explanation of why we hate to talk to customers" recordings) are terrible. You might as well tell people to hang up because you don't care enough to answer the phone when they call! 


My company, Media Tractor, has been working with a client to build a new website, new branding, new CRM and Inbound Marketing funnels, and a Sales process. We're also running paid advertising and and SEO strategy. All for the purpose of driving leads for this company that has an average order size of $20,000+. 

While reviewing the progress with our client recently, we listened to recorded inbound phone calls from the conversion tracking software we've installed for their campaign. Several of the calls went something like this: 

Receptionist: "Hello?"

Customer: "Yes, I have the exact specs of my order prepared and I'd like to talk with someone in sales who can provide a quote. I need this quickly so I've arranged everything on my end to get a quote as fast as possible. 

Receptionist: "Well, our Salesman isn't in right now. Can I get your email address and he can send you an email?" 

Me (Listening to the recording with the client - In my head): "WHAAAAAAATTTTT!" 
Me (Listenting to the recording with the client - what I actually said): "We have some great opportunity for improvement here! 😁

Get Used to Ridicule

I love it when even the little details are handled well. Keep the whiteboard clean. Manage the cords under your desk with zip ties. Wash the dishes. Don't tape paper signs up in the kitchen. 

My team makes fun of me all the time for noticing and dealing with this stuff. That's ok with me...that's how I know they're listening. 

Details aren't about being a controlling micro-manager. If that's how you or your team feels, then you're missing the point. Leading in the details means that the non-verbal feeling and culture of your organization gives an air of confidence and excellence. Excellent work environments lead to excellent work. 

What details need cleaned up in your office, or in your workflow? Where can you lead on this? The weekend is coming and Monday morning is a new day. Come in early, get your stuff straight, and then have a killer week. 

The first step to being great, is to be a little better tomorrow than you were today.