Leading Well

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If your team can’t do anything without your heavy involvement or approval, you’re not leading. You’re smothering them.


Student leadership training that I attended in High School told me to explore my own strengths, and use them to help others.

University taught me Servant Leadership and how to put others before myself. They told me that I am not held down when I lift others up.

My early work expereince in a growing startup gave me an opportunity to learn that “backstabbing gossipy snake-pits” can be defeated through community, commitment and excellence. Thanks again, Andrew.

My mistake

I believed all of this to be true.

My most depressing moments come when I realize other leaders don’t get it, and probably won’t change. These ideas fall flat before them. Soft egos are threatened and people react when they should take a step forward.

A Call to Lead Well

Replace yourself.

Build scalability by building up amazing teams that are smarter than you.

Don’t be threatened by brillance.

Build legacy by helping others find and build their own. Give yourself away.

Be a bridge builder….it’s harder than it looks, and most can’t do it. Where do your people want to go? Your job is to help them get there.

Give them the stage.

Give them away. (I once helped an employee leave my company for a job that paid her 2X. A life-long connection was forged in the process)

Define success by their definition, not your own.

Help them succeed.

When others win, so do you.

Run faster. I want to be able to give everything away because something better is always about to roll out.

Be clear on your vision, and hire people smarter than you with the same goal. Do the hard things so that they can fly.

Wash the dishes.

You can be better. The world deserves a better version of you.