What’s your purpose, what’s your cause, what is your belief? What is your “Why”? 
- Simon Sinek

If you lead a team, you need to be rock solid on your “WHY”. WHY is your anchor. WHY helps maintain your sanity. In those moments of indecision and ambiguity, WHY will help you find your center and take the next step. WHY helps you know which way to go next. WHY helps your team know where you are all going together. Knowing your WHY will help you and your team cut through a lot of clutter.

It is generally harder to stop doing things than to start doing things. WHY helps you know what to stop doing.

This is a great Ted talk given by Simon Sinek a few years back. For anyone looking for their Why (or looking for a refresher on Vision) I’d encourage you to take a look.

What is your Why? Do you know?