Your Strategy Should Be Unoriginal

The Latest Trend in Digital is Something Familiar

What has been will be again,
what has been done will be done again;
ther is nothing new under the sun.
-Ecclesiastes 1:9

I had the great privilege of speaking at a conference in Egypt this week. I love Egypt. It is ancient and advanced at the same time. Modern design and thinking crash up against the pyramids on the outskirts of Cairo. The traffic is crazy and the food is exotic. I love it all!


My friend Nona Jones was also speaking at this event. She and her husband Tim toured the pyramids the day before we met and we shared our amazement at how an ancient civilization established so much of what we use today. Written history, cosmetics, clocks, mathematics, libraries, medicine…Egypt had all of this in 5000 BC!

The Latest Digital Strategy is Not What You Expect

I was invited to present the “Latest in Digital Strategies” to a group of organizations that are trying to use digital media to connect with their audience. For those who didn’t attend, I’ll give you my main point here. But, it might not be what you think. Just remember, some of the most progressive actions are going back to fundamentals that work.

Reach is Not the Problem

For years we’ve pushed the limits of reach. Reaching more people for less is an area where I’ve excelled. In 2014 I lead a team that reached over 400 Million verified website visitors for a budget of roughly $3 Million. That’s a $0.0075 CPC (less than a penny) for web visitors that were verified to be real people. Reach is not the constraint.

Add Value Through Relationship

We need to lead our teams to focus on building meaningful relationships with our audience. In relationships, trust is established and we can value to people. And, by the way, value is defined by the user, not us. Think about what your customer values. If you can meet that need, then reach out, build a connection and offer to help.